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    C64 emulator for Nintendo DS dSi DSiXL

    Please remember!!! I did not code this version of FrodoDS
    I found the link to it in some forum in the middle of god knows where by some guy called
    Congoblase its the best version ive used.
    I combined it with Frodo Spinal with it and tested it with my DSi XL and Supercard DSTWO it works fine once you have figured out what setting configuration is best.
    Always test your roms first with an emulator like VICE 64 or whatever before you try them with Frodo saves time and heartache.
    Okay with the old version of frodo you would put the roms in /rd folder, with this one its /d64 in the root directory. Copy the FrodoDS Spinal plugin files and the new FrodoDS.nds rom into /_dstwoplugin folder and you ready.
    Okay now settings,
    L+Y buttons at the same time gives you the load options to save time.
    The select button is the configuration menu, ill only tell you as much as i know about the config menu because im still working it out myself.
    Use Load C64 Disk Image to load the rom into memory
    then you can exit out and just do the ole LOAD"*",8,1

    I recommend disabling True emulation it makes the rom load a hell of a lot faster and with it enabled its too slow.

    Sometimes you will get a FILE NOT FOUND error
    there is a way around this by using LOAD"$",8,1:LIST
    Look at the PRG files, try using the first two letters of the first PRG file on the list.
    For example if the first two letters of the filename is 1A then type
    This should work fine and I got a lot of my D64 roms working this way with True Emulation disabled.
    If it doesn't work try another PRG file name
    on the list.
    In advanced setup options i tried screwing with a few settings, Skip Frames is fairly obvious to any emu guy just increase that slightly to make faster animation.
    Badline cycles can speed up those pesky Load times decrease it if you want to but dont go nuts otherwise the rom crashes
    WE have snapshots now yay! so we can basically savegames

    Anyway happy gaming
    C64 will never die!!!