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FFXII "Fran" Skin for DSTT

After discovering a renewed interest in Final Fantasy XII for the PS2, I found myself fascinated by the Viera characters. Especially Fran. That inspired me to include her in this skin based loosely on the FFXII in-game menu interface.Credit where credit is due:Background artwork by Square-Enix. All I did is work my composition magic.Icons thiefed without permission from Nightwolf's "Marine Revolution" skin for DSTT. Sorry man, they went well with this skin's colors so I um..."borrowed" them. :D To head the big complaint that I KNOW is going to come up: I know the text blocks the view of Fran. I had to put her on the left side because the scroll bar is on the right. I'd rather have some text over her than have a big chunk of leg taken out by the scroll bar.

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