Famista '90 0.92

English Translation

  1. MrRichard999
    This is a patch which translated the names, menus, and icons into English for easier play-through. A few of the random popup banners that appear have been left due to not being able to trigger all of them that appear such as "Lucky #7" but this should not hinder any gameplay. Patch to the following original Japanese ROM Famista '90 (Japan).nes CRC32: 967FCA1E MD5: FBD94F52EAE8BDAEE1900328A4509368 SHA-1: EA3C8B64B9262482F16AB91B43194DB0D40ECA70 SHA-256: CD2BBD48E9360AA2A4321E875660C7ED8B29E71D3D9D69F5DD4A76BCA875BE1C

    Author: MrRichard999 - TheMajinZenki - FlashPV

    Completion: 95% - Version 0.91


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Recent Updates

  1. Update to 0.92