EZFlash Junior 20200310 FW4 K1.04e

Firmware and kernel for the EZFlash Junior GB/GBC flash cart

  1. Stability fixes and big overhaul of file handling

    EZFlash Junior FW4 K1.04e changelog]
    SHA1(ezgb.dat)= 43c76dc2b206907a68a1b3d320324d2d4438b7f3
    SHA1( d61bc32c41a378be491eced4244a84abe7c84d7c

    Removed Chinese support and filename sorting
    Fixed booting sequence halt in OS INIT which caused by disk fragmentation
    Fixed random File System Error
    Added a battery dry notice
    Some interface rearrangement
    Some scroll timing tweak
    The total length of the filename is 254 characters
    The maximum number of files in the folder is 7000

    Note: For the best performance and stability. MicroSD must be formatted with FAT32, cluster size 32KB

    Firmware update method:
    Run as a game. Press A as prompted. The screen will flicker in the upgrade progress, it is normal. The progress will cost 10+ seconds. The screen goes normal when upgrade is done. Power off your console as prompted!!! Not press the reset button!!!

    Power up your console. Check the FW version in the HELP tab by press SELECT, if the FW version displaying FW0, you have to do the update progress again until the FW version change to FW4. Full charged batteries will help to prevent the upgrade failing.
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