Every smiley font 1.1

A package of pixelart fonts by yours truly that support other languages than English

  1. smileyhead
    My first font, aiming to display Latin characters in the smallest possible resolution where they are still comfortably readable.
    :download: Download page

    A couple pixels bigger than smiley5. This one focuses a bit more on style (because, at this resolution, it can) while still maintaining readability.
    It has three versions. smiley8 Regular that applies curves and sharp edges as appropriate, smiley8 Rounded that focuses on curves, and smiley8 Sharp that, you guessed it, has a lot of sharp edges.
    :download: Download page

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    Change log:
    - Renamed fonts to smiley5 and smiley8
    - Added the new members of the smiley8 family

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