[EU] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition Save 100 % 2021-01-19

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  1. kevstar91
    This is a save i've put hundreds of hours into, in order to create the most perfectly optimized save possible for newgame plus. It's at the very end of the game and is ready to start a ng+ with.
    Be warned that I don't know what trophies this save could unlock, so i'd advice caution if you haven't completed most of the trophies already.
    This save is also not for those wanting a super easy playthrough. All enemies will be scaled up to level 105, making the difficulty much higher than on any standard playthrough.

    Details on what this playthrough has ready to import into Newgame+ include:

    - A max level 100 Character
    - All possible 132 Skillpoints (99 from levels, 30 from Places of Power and 1 from the Golden Egg. Magic Acorn is still in the Food items unused, will give 2 if used.)
    (I used an ingame glitch to add a lot more skillpoints, but you can reset them back to normal at any time you wish by using a Potion of Clearance.)
    (If you plan to add even more skillpoints using the quickcode, you must first use a potion of clearance ingame to reset skillpoints. Not doing so will result in an error message.)
    - All mutations unlocked.
    - 250000+ Crowns
    (If you want more crowns, use the quickcode before starting ng+ as it may not work afterwards, due to the way the code can move around. You'll have to edit it using advanced mode if the quickcode stops working.)
    - All Oils, Potions & Bombs unlocked and maxed out.
    - An insane amount of crafting and alchemy ingrediants, also includes more food and mutagens than you'd ever need.
    - 30+ of each color dye
    - Storage is filled with tons of rare and unique items. (Be warned that it can be laggy, so feel free to get rid of a lot of it, if collectings not your thing)
    - All gear equipped is optimized around a max level character before starting ng+, so none of it is crafted.

    lvl 99 Hjalmar's Steel Blade (197% Crit Dmg) (Preservation Rune)
    lvl 98 Aerondight Silver Sword (Severance Rune)
    lvl 31 Ravix of Fourhorn's crossbow (1 out the possible 2 crossbows you can earn during a certain quest. You can now get the other during ng+)

    All high level relic tier heavy armor with the Levity Rune put on the chest, so it is treated like Light. Quen runes are on the rest of the armor.
    lvl 97 Great Sun Armor
    lvl 98 Tousant Trousers
    lvl 99 Nilfgaardian Guardsman's Gauntlets
    lvl 99 Alder Folk Boots

    Caparison of lament (100 Stamina) Horse Saddle chosen as the wish reward from Gaunter O Dimm.
    Knight Erant's Blinders (60 Horse's Fear Level)
    Beuclair Saddlebags (110 Max Inventory Weight)

    Rare/Unique Items Missed:
    Bath towel (Imperial Audience Quest)
    Ciri's sword "Zireael" (Possible to glitch during a Novigrad flashback quest)

    Witcher 3 Save 100 % Perso LVL 100.jpg