1. FAST6191
    IMPORTANT NOTE: this is not a virus, but because it touches the memory of another program it is considered as harmful by antivirus programs. Please don't ask us to remove this file!

    A cheat making tool that attaches to emulators and is used to make cheats. Systems supported include NES(FC), SNES(SFC), N64, NDS, PS, PS2, PSP, GENESIS(MD), SS, DreamCast, TG16(PCE) and more.

    It is one of the few capable of helping make DS cheats that is not solely for no$gba although NDS_DeSmuMe.ini will have to be edited to work with it (should just be adding .exe to the end of the "PROCESS_NAME" line.

    If you get a virus warning it is a false positive- most programs do not have to touch the memory of another program but this is how it has to work here.