DSDecmp 5.0 alpha 2 (12-01-2012)

Nintendo DS / Nintendo Wii (de)compression tools

  1. SaulFabre
    A compressor and decompressor for files found in a multitude of Nintendo DS games (and some Nintendo Wii games as well).

    The supported formats are:
    • LZ type 0×10 (0x10)
    • LZ type 0×11 (0x11)
    • LZ type ‘Overlay’ (used in ‘overlay’ files in DS games)
    • Huffman encoding with data sizes 4 and 8
    • Run-Length Encoding
    The latest version of the source (C#) can be found at, along with a Java-version for decompressing those formats (except the LZ-’Overlay’ format).

    DSDecmp is command-line only. Provide no arguments to print its usage.

    Made by Barubary

    Reuploaded by saulfabreg (@SaulFabre) (thanks to and the Wayback Machine for the original files ;) )

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