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DS85: A TI-85 calculator emulator R3

Installing:1. Copy either the .nds or the .ds.gba to your homebrew device2. Obtain a TI-85 calculator rom. DO NOT ASK ME FOR A ROM. See section below for help.3. Name the ROM 'ti85.rom' and place it on the root of your CF/SD card4. Optionally copy the included 'ti85.sna' file to the root of your CF/SD card. This is a save-state I have made for you, which includes a bundle of ASM games. Once loaded, hit Custom -> F1 in order to get into the game menu. You will probably want to change the rendering settings to ALL and REAL for best performance.Installing on a non-libfat supported device:This is for people using things like EZ4, G6, or standard GBA flash carts.1. Obtain TI-85 Rom (see above)2. Append the rom to the .ds.gba file. On Windows: copy ds85_02.ds.gba /B + ti85.rom ds85_02_rom.ds.gba /B On Linux (should also work on OSX): cat ds85_02.ds.gba ti85.rom > ds85_02_rom.ds.gba3. Flash the ds85_02_rom.ds.gba file to your cart, and use the included .sav file
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