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DS Fire Link firmware and OS 1.22

DS Linker firmware 1.22# 1. Support 2D and 3D menu. Can be changed at config file /DSYSTEM/global.ini [MENUINFO];Display mode, 3D=1, 2D=0. Default is 2D menu.# 2. Added Boot Loader. When Writer inserted into slot 2, there is a boot loader, user can select to enter: Media Center or Data Exchange.# 3. Added PASSME function. Hold L+R+A+B at DSLinker menu can work as a PASSME. It will boot up slot 2 card.# 4. Support Save files in ONE folder. Setting at config file /DSYSTEM/global.ini "SAVEPATH=/". Example, user can put all the save files to the "save" folder, just changed to "SAVEPATH=/save". Default is ROOT folder.# 5. Added Multi-Save System. press START at Menu. This function can backup upto 6 saves to each game. Save file name will be romfile.sav, romfile_2.sav, romfile_3.sav,...,romfile_6.# 6. Force backup save function. Setting at config file /DSYSTEM/global.ini# 7. Multi-Language Support.

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