Doom 3 v1.0.3 Memory Dump Files-Info

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  1. Smoker1
    Doom 3
    TitleID - 010029D00E740000
    BuildID - 28b88c3bdf442ebb
    Version - 1.0.3!SYdHWaDQ!zi-lNLsGsOg6mlxYr8jS4szCgch_lIQhBIYW-U7gLHk

    Included are......
    2x MAIN Meory Dumps
    ----From what I was told, the Results should only work for a short while, as the Pointers will change for the next Chapter of the Game.

    2x Initial Memory Dumps
    ----All the R/W Areas when starting a Search (Required when using Pointer Search App)

    2x Address Listings from 2 Searches
    ----Contains both the HEAP and MAIN Start/End Regions (Required for Pointer Search App and JNoexs)
    ----Contains the Addresses of note where I found the Codes (For both JNoexs Pointer Search, and Pointer Search App)

    I am still rusty when it comes to the Pointer Search App. Hopefully if I can not find anything with it, someone else can. If another Memory Dump/Search is needed, let me know.