Doom 3 Alpha Labs memory dump

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  1. Gamerjin!m8dGXajR!47vL994_tvOuSukIuAX1ngpFjlYL3HsZxn60bd18dY0

    Here is my memory dump of Doom 3, while in the alpha labs.
    this is meant to be used only by the new pointer tool, along with Smoker1 memory dump to try and find a working pointer for the clip address, as i have tried, and am unable to find a common address point.

    Also, just in case, here are the addresses:

    main start @ 201F604000
    main end @ 2021205000

    heap start @ 5ECF000000
    heap end @ 5F91800000

    target (clip address) @ 5EE3ECB038