Deltarune PS2 Save Meme (Not a save for any actual PS2 game)

Deltarune PS2 Save Meme (Not a save for any actual PS2 game) 1.0

Based on a Deltarune meme and the Twitter user PajamaFrix Photoshopping that meme of Susie and Kris into the PS2 Memory Card Browser, then DaRealHaitam83 stating "Then why not make it real." While that was not directed towards me, I decided to do it. This file only includes the Susie and Kris "save files" (which do not have any game data). The other actual save files in the screenshots are just there to enhance the joke, and are not included in this.

To accomplish this, I followed:
• The "How to Create PS2 ICONS for the Memory Card Browser" tutorial by Jay-Jay from [PS2-HOME].
• Used the decompilation sprite dump posted by ironnoyes in the "Deltarune Chapter 2 Sprite Dump?" [reddit] thread by AverageLookingVessel
• Then, saw the thread "When I edit the icon.sys the spaces are messed up" by gothi on [PS2 Save Tools], which fixed standard spaces causing the line to terminate early when using the PS2 Save Builder.
• I also had to shorten the original line to be able to fit within the PS2 Save character limit, and also since some words would get split in the middle.
• Finally, bmp2icon only supports 24 bit BMPs, but only the 32 bit version of BMPs support transparency. Though, there's likely some other method to get transparency working for the save icons. At the very least, it would work if they were made into 3D models, even just 3D shadowbox sprites (or whatever it's actually called) like in their Photoshop.

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