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Darth Meteos Super Special SD Stash 5.0


Included in this package are all the files you'll need to install and run NSP files on ReiNX! Click here to grab a guide to use these files!

- Reisyukaku
- NekoNoor
- Calypso
- Biscuit
- Kilim
- Crimson
- thomasnet
- ryanrocks
- Girtana1​
- fgsfds
- Drakia
- Ketzakwatl
- br4z0rf
- AveSatanas​
- Rajkosto
- SciresM and the ReSwitched Team​
- You​

- ReiNX is made by the ReiSwitched Team, headed by Reisyukaku
- The Homebrew App Store is made by vgmoose
- Tinfoil is made by Adubbz
- NX-Shell is made by Joel16
- Retroarch for Switch has entirely too many people working on it to list here
- FTPD is made mtheall and WinterMute
- EdiZon is made by thomasnet and WerWolv
Change log
- Updated ReiNX to latest master (6.0 support)
- Changed the splash to differentiate new users
- Added Retroarch
- Added NX-Shell
- Added FTPD
- Updated EdiZon
- Updated Tinfoil
Darth Meteos
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Latest updates

  1. Corrupted Downloads Reported

    Getting reports of files not working on 6.0, this seems to have been an upload error, please...

Latest reviews

While I no longer use this latest compilation with the latest version of ReiNX (currently at version 1.7.1), I still find it handy for sourcing the "titles" folder required for running homebrews which oftentimes come absent with the latest build of ReiNX.

@Everyone To those who are encountering the "Error: Package2 Magic Invalid," it means that the files in this compilation are already outdated to work with the version of CFW (ReiNX) you are trying to boot with. Although I'd hate to detract users from this page, the best answer to that, in the mean time, is to download a more up-to-date compilation of the essential files. At the moment, tumGer at GitHub has it.
Another one here with "Error: Package2 Magic Invalid"

Dpwnloading again and again does not work.

FW: 6.0.0

On 5.1.0 everything worked fine
Same problem here, with firmware 6.0.0: "Error: Package2 Magic Invalid"
Error: Package2 Magic Invalid. :-( I´ve downloaded the package again an again but always the same error. Any ideas? Installed OS is 6.X
Bigger than the others. Still great. Glad to see you are back!
I have a question with the new switch update and the reinx I was prepared to use and I left the error of Package2 magic invalid apologize the hassle helps.
Darth Meteos
Darth Meteos
Redownload the files, it's a corruption issue. That should fix the problem.
The Great CFW for Nintendo Switch
Next update you better show feet also about time bby
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    so easy compared to the time i had to work on my sony trinitron, gud times :rofl2:
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    It's just weird that the only way it'll display a picture is through my Nvidia shield menu won't come on at all
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    2017 model hopefully it lasts tell summer
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    Web os hasn't been bad really
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    I never bothered with those ''smart functions'', used a beelink mini pc instead
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    Doesn't really bother me two shield devices all I need
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    my ps4 is only getting network errors whenever i try to use the browser
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    @TheZander clear your browser cache and cookies, then restart your browser
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    So if a guy with Parkinson's gives himself a stranger is that a benefit?
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    can i upload midi files to the "downloads" section?
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    In my experience it's been a benefit
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    It can save you time
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    i think my anxiety pills arent working
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    Viagra would have been very hard on your cat... lol
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    I don't think it does much for female cats uremum might know
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    i think my mom has bipolar disorder
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    She single?
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