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Cyclone r1

Controls:--------- A - forwards B - show map L - change view up & down - change altitude left & right - rotate copterGameplay:----------You are the pilot of a rescue helicopter in the aftermath of a particularly nasty tropical storm. Your mission (you've already accepted it) is to fly around the archipelago collecting all the medical supplies found in the little crates and then bring them all back to Base. Your helicopter is equipped with a state of the art winch. Ahem. Whenever you fly over a crate, the winch is lowered automatically. When you hover low enough, the hook on the end will get hold of the box and your trusty winch man will reel in the supplies. Along the way, you can rescue people for bonus points too. Follow a similar tactic to box collection and you'll be racking up the hi scores (which unlock the hidden options...). Be careful not to get too close to the landscape though, as your copter is especially fragile and one bash often results in catastrophe. You only have 3 lives to begin with, though you earn 1 more every time you complete the mission.Added to the problem is the cyclone itself - the whirling grey blob (as seen on the map) will hurl your copter out of the sky should you get too close. Your wind gauge warns you of the approaching storm, so pay heed. Further problems are caused by your allies in the rescue planes -they often fly at such high speed that they don't have time to avoid your slower copter. If you are flying between islands, make sure to keep out of their flight path. Avoid running out of fuel too - you can refuel for free at any of the landing pads dotted about the islands. Don't spend too long dawdling though, you only have a limited time to collect the crates and return to base. A tip - you can land almost anywhere, providing it is flat enough, not just on the designated landing pads. Make use of this ability when the cyclone gets too close...

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