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CycloDSEvo evotools 1.0beta2

Evolution Tools is a PC-side software package for users of CycloDS Evolution. It currently includes the following components:

Cheat code editor - a user friendly GUI application for manipulating CycloDS Evolution cheat code databases. The cheat code editor has some very unique and useful features such as the ability to automatically retrieve the most recent cheat codes directly from the internet and import them into your cheat database.
Automatic ROM trimmer - can automatically trim your ROM files on the PC without any manual interaction required on your part.
Enable ROM icons - display actual ROM icons when browsing files in Windows.
The new Moonshell release includes the following changes:
Bookmarks are now working
Audio file resume is now working (must be enabled in settings first)
Fixed a problem where soft reset would not work after playing a DPG video
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