CycloDS iEvolution Moonshell 2.10

  1. Chanser
    Moonshell v2.10 for CycloDS iEvolution

    MoonShell by Moonlight:
    CycloDS iEvolution Official Website:
    Team Cyclops Forums:


    Simply copy the "moonshl2" directory from the archive into the root directory
    of your MicroSD card. You may then launch Moonshell by selecting the "Media"
    icon from the CycloDS iEvolution main menu. DO NOT just copy the archive file
    to your MicroSD card - the files must be extracted first! If you are unsure of
    how to do this, please use Google for more information.

    NOTE: In order to optimise the download size, we have removed some less popular
    features from this Moonshell 2 release. You may obtain the full, original
    release from the official Moonshell website: