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Cyberpunk 2077 Save 100 % PS4 Female V Corpo,Streetkid and Nomad (Hard Difficulty) 2021-06-01

Save 100 % Female V Corpo, Streetkid and Nomad.

- The main and secondary history by 100%,
- Apartment V has approximately 7.225 legendary clothes. Including Wolf School Jacket, Wolf School T-Shirt and Galaxy T-Shirt,
- All the iconic weapons (53) in V's apartment,
- All available vehicles,
- All items available for creation,
- All cybermodifications available (including legendary),
- Romance with Judy,
- Takemura and Oda are alive, making it possible to make all the endings of the game,
- Save indicated for collectors, because to be able to complete all sets of legendary clothes, iconic weapons, cybermodifications and among others.
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