CPS Forwarder Creator 1.5.3

create your own virtual console like cps titles

  1. Sakitoshi
    With this tool you'll be able to make independent retroarch cias for your favorite CPS1 and CPS2 (but not CPS3) games using the Final Burn Alpha 2012 ( CPS1 and CPS2 cores without having to install retroarch or anything besides the generated cia.

    For further information refer to this thread.
    Change log:
    - initial release
    - has the same functionality as my neogeo forwarder creator

    - added random product id and unique id generator. it generates a random code every time you select a rom.

    - fixed a bug where roms could ask for the wrong parent rom or roms that didn't needed a parent rom asked for one.

    - better code for parent rom checking, some games were still asking for a parent rom when wasn't needed.

    - better way to tell if the game is a cps1 or cps2 title.

    - slight tweak to the parent rom mechanism (hopefully the last).

    - turbo button technology™ added, it needs to be manually enabled from the button remapper.
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