CIA Downloader 0.9

A simple batch file to download encrypted games.

  1. matif

    This is a very simple batch file to download encrypted games from Nintendo.

    Please delete the CIA in 24 hours.

    Find the Title ID of the game from or other sites.
    Run "CIA_Downloader.bat".
    Enter the Title ID which you just found. (Lowercase)
    Waiting it download, close the window to stop download and it able to resume.
    After finished you will get an encrypted CIA.


    tatsuhiro-t - aria2c.exe
    Tiger21820/3DSGuy - make_cdn_cia.exe
    profi200 - ctrtool.exe
    matif - CIA_Downloader.bat

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jvhellraiser
    Version: 0.9
    Doesn't work.. Once ID is add it comes with error.
    1. matif
      Author's Response
      """Check all similar tool, most of them invalid""". Because the server current using is just down few days ago. If you try it earlier days it would work. But there will be a update if other server still working. I'm busy in life, please cancel your rate and wait for update, thanks.