C64 Sprite movement demo [0.1]

A demo for the C64

  1. IanSkinner1982
    I demo I made a long time ago. It has a single map, border control, and an animated sprite.
    I included 2 .pdfs. You don't need those to run the program. They are just copies of the program in a readable format.

    Run with Vice, or another Commodore 64 emulator.

    How to run:
    1. Attach Demo.d64 to a virtual drive.
    2. Load the "BOOT" file
    3. Run the "BOOT" file, and wait...
    The program will cycle through multiple colors while it is loading. It may take up to a minute. Some text will appear, then dissappear, and the program should soon be ready.

    Use WASD to move.


    IanSkinner1982 (a.k.a. Kane1685) for making the program.

    drskinner (Myles Skinner) for organizing the project, and helping to put everything together.

    Below is my sprite sheet. Greatly inspired by Pokemon Yellow.


    1. Sprite sheet.png
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