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Burnout Paradise Save (Nearly every car unlocked minus Online cars) 1.2

Thanks for the save. Having an issue trying to use it.

I have the cartridge. Started up the game and got to where you drive to the first repair shop.

Closed out, loaded EdiZon, exported save. Replaced TestSave with the one from this download and reopened. It replayed the intro and when I back up and immediately reenter the Junkyeard, I still only have the starting car.

Do I need to play it for a bit before trying to replace the save?
Probably?? Not sure!!
It's does work. I made folder called all cars" and then placed test save folder. All cars>test save folder. Upload and then use check point.
Blank File inside it, that says TestSave. No Instructions or anything
You literally just have to restore a save with this replacing the save file, which is the standard for switch saves.
The save is literally called "testsave" dump yours
Thanks for sharing
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