Bootstrap V3 for 1.4.1 + OS 2.0 total PACK 1.0

  1. haddad
    This is the full pack for iEDGE

    Warning new mode to upgrade your iEDGE

    When you put your iEDGE inside the slot 1,
    you need to click (in your DS/DSi) on the icon to start the firmware
    And now you will see a black screen with info about progress in "%"
    The firmware take 29 seconds

    I need to test, but now you cant upgrade the firmware of your iEDGE
    in a DSi inside your iEDGE is not compatible!

    Example: iEDGE 1.4 inside a DSi 1.4.1 = impossible to upgrade it, you need a DS or a DSi in 1.4 max!!!
    (This new mode is a very stupid idea from EDGE...)