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Bogey 6

Game Play: Bogey 6 is an arcade style game for your Gameboy Advance. The game is fastpaced and could be difficult for some. You control your jet with the controlpad and hit the A button to fire your cannons. At the begining of each stagethere will be an objective printed on your screen to tell you which enemiesyou need to destroy. In the upper right hand corner tells you how manyenemies you have killed and how many total you have to kill before you canadvance to the next level. In the upper left hand side of the screen is yourcurrent score. Watch out though because the enemies will fire missles atyou and the farther along in the game you are, the more missles that willbe fired. You start the game with 5 lives, and everytime you get hit by amissle, you lose one. The game is over when you lose all your lives andthe end screen will show you how many of each target you have taken out.Also if you need a breather, hit the start button to pause the game.

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