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BagPlug Covers Pack 1.0

  1. Dter ic
    * Instructions to put the covers are on the manual of BAGPlug.
    * The covers have been resized to 175x160 px and optimized to take as little as possible without losing much quality.
    * Not change the file names.
    * If you have any problems with the visualization of a cover, but not all covers, just someones...
    let me know to fix the ID by sending a message in the forum or to my mail contact at the end.

    * To save some space you can do:
    not include JAPANESE games covers. (1700 covers, 30 Mb aprox)
    not include KOREAN games covers. (160 covers, 3 Mb aprox)
    waste some time to delete some covers that you'll never going to use.

    * Now only... Enjoy!

    Thanks to:
    The covers source - http://scene.releases.free.fr/
    BassAceGold - http://bag.nfnet.org/
    SuperCard DSTWO team - http://eng.supercard.sc/manual/dstwo/

    GBAtemp BAGPlug thread - http://gbatemp.net/t285447-bagplug?
    Personal Email - [email protected]