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    Ever come across that situation where you have a folder of the same kind of files, say images from your phone that you have copied into a separate folder? Have you ever wanted a convenient way to identify which photos are in which order of modification or when they were taken?

    You could just sort by Date Modified, but then once you open up some photos, it is still very difficult to pinpoint which photo corresponds to which file in that folder, due to complex naming schemes.

    This is why I created this tool, I created it for me but I guess I could share it and see if there's any demand for these kinds of things.
  2. For now, the only renaming it can do is go from 1 to however many files there are in that directory (1, 2, 3...). Instructions are clear within the program, just run it and it will ask for the directory, and then you need to enter the extension of those files (it can also change other files to that same extension, so you may use it to batch convert say, txt files to bat files for example). If this gains interest, I will polish it like having easy cancellation and more renaming options.
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  1. GUI & Multiple Extensions Update

    It's finally here, choose between multiple or all extensions in a folder to rename from 1 to as...
  2. First file starts from 1 instead of 0.

    As the title suggests, now the program renames the first file and subsequent files starting with...

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Renames in ascending order. Requires all files and folders to be named with the same file extension.
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