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Asteroids GBA

This is part two of an old Asteroids Demo I made about 7 months ago. Some of the changes Imade are as follows: - Shields system - Scrolling Backgrounds - Flying saucer enemies - Authentic "Asteroids" soundsThe principal is essentially the same. A bunch of asteroids are floating around... Shoot them. With the occasional flying saucer coming around to kill you. I changed the movement system so that the ship is always in center screen. When you thrust, everything around you moves instead. The background scrolls in the direction of your movement to help you see how fast your moving. I think way is actually better than the old way of flying around the screen. With the screensize limitation of the GBA this way just seems to feel better.I've also added a shields system to the game. There is a counter in the bottom left corner of the screen to show how much shields you have left. The shields regenerate by destroying asteroids and flying saucers up to a max of 50. Use the shields by either pressing Down on the d-pad or the upper right trigger button.Controls========D-Pad Left/Right - Rotate ShipA Button - FireB Button - ThrustD-Pad Down or Right Trigger - ShieldsHold Left-Trigger + D-Pad Left/Right - Fine tune aimingStart Button - Pause / Start New GameSelect Button - Show Accuracy of shots/hitsThere are some secret codes but I leave it to you to find them for yourself.Requirements============This game should run on just about any emulator, and will also run on real hardware.Please send feedback and suggestions [email protected]

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    Shape @ Shape: @K3N1 Sort of. It means you have a GBA now, since that's all your DS can do without it's top. +1