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Another World *FINAL*

A legal port of the Atari ST version of Another World to the GBA, this game is free and can also be obtained legally from Foxy's homepage.

Another World is an action adventure platformer set in a sci-fi world created, coded, and designed by one person - Eric Chahi. The game was originally considered to be 10yrs ahead of its time due to the fact that the entire game fit on 1 floppy. The difference between this and other games at the time was the use of vector graphics. The game also features a very cinematic experience. There is no heads up display and you only get one life, but the game features multiple continue points and a password system.

The game plays with a Dragon's Lair/Space Ace sort of concept, where the correct move gets you past the obstacle. You must experiment to find out what you need to do to advance through each section. Keep in mind that the game play elements unfold in this manner but the actual game play is a side scrolling run and jump adventure.

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