All-in-One Wii VC Injecting Tools by saulfabreg v4.2.0

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  1. v4.2.0 now adds Calantra's BannerTool & WadTool, OpenDolBoot and more!

    v4.2.0 now released! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! :lol::lol::lol:

    This new version v4.2.0 now adds the following tools, giving a 2nd life to these utile tools:

    • BannerTool v1.0.1 - developed by Calantra (aka Pifia) (@Calantra)
    • WadTool v1.0 BETA VERSION - developed by Calantra (aka Pifia) (@Calantra) & DDF
    • OpenDolBoot v0.1 for multi-purpose *.DOL handling - developed by DacoTaco...
  2. v4.1.0 reduces a bit the file size, and adds a new tool and links to tutorials for injecting!

    v4.1.0 now released! YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!

    v4.1.0 now reduces a bit the file size, and adds the following:

    Sharpii v1.7.3 with libWiiSharp for multi-purpose WAD handling - developed by Person66 (@person66) with libWiiSharp.dll by Leathl (@Leathl) and mod by scooby74029 (@scooby74029) [source code in GitHub:]
    Links for tutorials and stuff for...
  3. v4.0.1 fixes bugs of v4.0.0 and adds more files for fix tools!

    v4.0.1 now released, in order to fix some bugs of v4.0.0!
    :toot: :hrth: :toot:

    This new version adds more files for fix the Wii VC tools, and also adds the latest version of Armips (v0.11.0) for use with Simple Armips GUI! Yaaaaaayyyyy!!! :lol::wink:B-):)

    Use the new features for fix your troubles, inject your favorite games and more! :yay:

    Happy injecting! :yaywii:
    - saulfabreg (@SaulFabre)
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  4. v4.0.0 now adds SM64 ASM patches & fixes by aglab2, GZip for ZLIB (de)compress & more!

    Version v4.0.0 now released! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

    :) This new version v4.0.0 includes: :)
    Patcher64+ Tool (Patcher64 Plus tool) for Super Mario 64 / Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Zelda: Majora's Mask / Paper Mario 64 / Super Smash Bros. 64 & free N64 ROMs & WADs modding, patching and more - developed by Admentus64 [source code in GitHub:]
    Super Mario 64 ASM Patches & Fixes (includes Wii...
  5. v3.9.0 now adds devkitPro, more files for fix tools and Wii Banner Player!

    v3.9.0 now released! Yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!

    The new version of our tools pack v3.9.0 now adds more files for fix tols and the following new tools:
    devkitPro v3.0.3 for Wii/Wii U/NDS/3DS/Switch/GBA development - developed by the devkitPro group, and the Open Source Devloper David Murphy
    Wii Banner Player r56 (revision 56) - developed by Billiard26 [source code in]

    Hope you use the new tools for inject...
  6. v3.8.1 fixes some bugs, adds more files for fix tools, and gets a bit smaller!

    v3.8.1 now released, in order to fix some bugs of v3.8.0!
    :toot: :hrth: :toot:

    v3.8.1 now adds new files for fix tools, also links to download easily the Microsoft .NET Frameworks in order for make the tools work, the wwPacker gets more complete, the offzip Tool gets a great bug fix by adding the DLL files of ZLIB library, and the 7z file gets a bit smaller! Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! :lol::wink:B-):)

    Use the new features for fix your troubles, inject your favorite games and more! :yay:

  7. v3.8.0 now adds my very new tools made by me and romc Type 0 Compressor!

    v3.8.0 now released for everybody!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now adds a very BIG SURPRISE: new tools for inject ROMS into new Wii VC WADs that use various kinds of compression easily MADE BY ME, @SaulFabre (saulfabreg)!!! :yay:

    Well, the new version v3.8.0 now adds the tools:
    WiiVC_MSX_iNJ.exe - MSX Wii Virtual Console iNJECTOR BETA v2.5 - developed by saulfabreg (@SaulFabre)*
    VCLZH8snes.exe - SNES LZH8 ROM...
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  8. v3.7.0 now adds PuyoTools and Wii Layout Editor!

    v3.7.0 now released! Yaaaaayyyy!!!!

    Now adds the new tools:
    PuyoTools v2.0.4 for LZSS and more - developed by nickworonekin
    Wii Layout Editor v1.0 BETA (but it works) for edit BRLYT banners and view BRLAN and more - developed by Gericom

    New tools for help you to inject your favorite retro games to Wii VC! ;)

    Happy injecting! :yaywii:

    - saulfabreg
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  9. v3.6 reduces the file size in a 23%, and adds tools such, FixCheckSum, WSB SNES tool & more!

    Version v3.6 now released!
    Now reduces the file in a 23% percent and adds the following tools: tools for multi-purpose Wii hacking, WAD editing, NAND and more - developed by Xuzz, SquidMan (@squidman, @trap15), megazig, Matt_P, Omega and The Lemon Man
    lzssdemo Tool (with gbalzss fix) - developed by Andre Perrot
    FixCheckSum tool for handle and fix checksum of SEGA Genesis / SEGA Mega Drive ROMs - developed by Kuwabara
  10. v3.5 now adds aglab2's custom sm64compress tool, Ewes v9, Benzin tool and more!

    Version v3.5 now released! Now includes the new following tools:

    Custom sm64compress tool for compress Super Mario 64 romhacks to 32 MB size or less - developed by aglab2 (bashed on queueRAM's sm64tools) [source code of original tool here]
    Benzin tool (EZBenzin tool) for extract BRLYT to XMLYT, extract BRLAN to XMLAN, rebuild BRLYT from XMLYT and rebulid BRLAN from XMLAN - developed by...
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