All-in-One Wii VC Injecting Tools by saulfabreg v3.1

Inject Tools, Wii, Virtual Console, Injecting Tools, VC, Tools, WAD, Editing Tools

  1. FancyNintendoGamer567
    Version: v3.1
    This is probably the most complete VC Injection pack. It has very much everything you need for almost any console, and has a lot of extra programs too, some I'd say are unneeded but still nice to have. 5 stars for sure!
    1. SaulFabre
      Author's Response
      Thanks very much for your 5 stars! Yaaaaaayyyyy!! :) :yaywii:
  2. CatmanFan
    Version: v2.3
    I love this package but it's very hard to extract to since I can't even download it into a ZIP using Chrome or Firefox without it corrupting or failing, it just says "Download failed". When I try to rename the temporary download file to .zip I can access the file contents but I can't even extract them since WinRAR says they're corrupted. 7Zip however can extract them just fine. I would like for this issue to be fixed within the next few releases. Otherwise, great package with lots of usable tools and information. Thank you.
    1. SaulFabre
      Author's Response
      Check your Internet connection before downloading this pack, please. I tried to download my file from this site and it worked fine.