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ACToolkit v1.0 beta 2

ACToolkit v1.0 Beta 2Created by Virus - Game-Hackers.comSpecial thanks to DsPet/WiiPet - Aibohack.comDisclaimer:This application comes with absolutely no warrenty. Use this application at your own risk!No one will be held responsible for any damages that may come as a result of using this application. You may not sell, redistribute, or modify this application without permission of the author.Always remember to keep a backup of your save file in a safe place!Features:- Map editor (used to place items and move buildings around your town)- Pocket (Inventory) editor- Drawer/cabinet editor- Lost & found editor- Recycle bin editor- Nook's store editor- Emotion modifier- Appearance modifier- Wallet, ABD, points modifier- Gate Style modifierChangelog:v1.0 Beta 2- Added drawer editor- Added Nook's store editor- Added lost & found editor- Added recycle bin editor- Added "clear sold out flags" for Nook's store.- Added shoe style modifier in the appearance editor.- Map editor window is now re-sizable.- More buildings are now displayed in the map editor.- Now displays player names and town name.- Bug fixes/code changesv1.0 Beta- Initial release.

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