A hacked version of the original R4DS 1.3-YS

  1. dsX
    A hacked version of the original R4DS: R4DS_v1.3-YS

    Note: TTMenu folder contains the old libraries "DATs" (infolib.dat, extinfo.dat and savlib.dat).
    To update go here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/retrogamefan-updates-releases.267243/

    1) Hardware Installation

    Connect the TF card to PC with the card reader, then, go to the directory on the disk.

    A- Copy the "_DS_MENU.DAT" and "TTMENU.DAT" at the root directory of TF card.

    B- Load the DIY interface: Copy the folders "TTmenu" and "Games" to the root directory of the TF card.

    2) Unload TF Card

    After finishing ROM added in "Games" folder, then right click the removable disk icon on the right down corner of the screen; Draw out the TF card from card reader/writer.

    3) Main Menu Operation

    Connect the TF card to DS Slot-1 with the R4, turn on the power, the GUI will display in a few seconds. You can select "My Card", "Games" or "Slot-2" to run by the navigating keys or touch screen, press "A" button to enter the corresponding functions.

    4) Menu Operation

    - Choose 'My Card' to browse your files (not support ROMs!); Press 'START' to go back to main menu.

    - Choose 'Boot Games' to enter in YSMenu and run your games.

    - Choose 'Boot Slot-2' to enter in Slot-2 mod and run NDS or GBA games.

    - Scale-lightness adjustment is available to the DS Lite console by touching the sunny icon at the top left corner of game interface. (Not available to DS console, the sunny icon will turn to be gray if it is DS console.)

    5) Read the eBook

    Select the eBook in the "My Card", and open it by pressing 'A' key or touching the icon.

    It will ask whether to create a bookmark if it is the first running. Pressing 'A' key or touching the 'Confirm' button will create and then open the bookmark; Pressing 'B' key or touching the 'Cancel' button will not run the process; Pressing 'X' key or touching the 'Ignore' will open the eBook without creating the bookmark (The bookmark's function is invalid).

    Press 'START' key to exit the eBook mode and back to the main menu.