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unfinished cringe fanfic text adventure in HTML

  1. Hambrew
    Way to jump the gun, me.

    here's the google drive description
    What happens when a seesaw from not-so-grand Yoyle City takes on 2 YouTube channels with evil intentions, an anime weeaboo with superpowers, and a particularly touchy furry? It'll take friends, wits, and at least a double-barreled shotgun to get through this side story in the object show multiverse.

    WOW this project did not age well. I think you'll find out why immediately playing it.

    Canonical Story
    Ok, this adventure is in four parts, split via ~12 chapters in the Grammarly version that this thing is based on.

    Either way, you know my profile picture? Essentially this objectsona, Seesaw, embarks on this 48-chapter long adventure to destroy anime, cringy YouTube channels, and additionally in the Twine version, discover a group dedicated to ending Seesaw and his friends Resi 4 (a play on Resident Evil 4, the gamecube version), who like Seesaw, has an expansive armory of weapons, Noki 3310 (a play on Nokia 3310), and TU-84+ CE (A play on the TI-84+ CE), and learn why it isn't just that simple to take down anime.

    Pick your poison on the 4 parts. You WILL need to have knowledge of BFDIA and IDFB to understand Parts 1, 2, and 3

    So, there's this Roblox MCN (or atleast there was a Roblox MCN) called "The Pals" that contain some of the most toxic Roblox YouTubers. Also, Seesaw has to befriend, of all characters, out of EVERYTHING I could choose, a fairy from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. That, and the fact that the Grammarly version included a whole chapter dedicated to going through the castle from Dragon's Lair, I wish that this part didn't exist. However, at the canonical time this takes place, IDFB 1 was being recorded, and after showing the remaining BFDIa contestants how to free people from the TLC+LOL, get's flung into Evil Forest, which is the impetus to the whole "Seesaw + Fairy" thing. To defeat The Pals' evil scheme (create the Starship Oof and use it to create black holes). That's where the Twine version ends.
    Immediately, Seesaw has to deal with a threat much worse than The Pals, and if you're happy and you know it, see that Seesaw is kidnapped by an anime girl named Monica-chan (who I will always refer as M-chan)!

    After being put in a cage, Seesaw is transported to the central square of her hometown, the Anime District. Seesaw is left alone for a bit of time, and is freed by someone. This is where the Twine version stops.
    In Yoyle City, there's this stadium, right? Why not develop a clone of the Olympics for that stadium? Essentially, DanTDM, a member of The Pals, is dead and you won't know why because the Grammarly version has it and the Twine version doesn't. Dan and M-Chan pair up to destroy Seesaw and friends. Aaand that's where the Twine version ends. This is another one I wish didn't exist, and it's mainly because in the Grammarly version, a new antagonist is unleashed that knocks M-chan from an antagonist to a neutral character, being... um... LeafyIsHere. Yeah...
    The description for the Part in the Twine version says it all.
    Yes that is a quote from Phineas and Ferb changed to include furries. The original line had Vending Machines in place of Furries. But yes, a furry from the Anime District goes after Seesaw and Resi 4. Also, like how Dan died in Part 1 but you didn't see it? The same thing happened to another friend of Seesaw's in Part 2, being Noki 3310. Yeah, he's brought back to life, case and all in the same factory in the Anime District where he died in Part 2. He then discovers that one of the two people who managed to get him back to good accidentally enabled him to be a portal gun. Back to the main plot with Seesaw and the furry, named Kend-san (who I will always refer as K-san). K-san catches up with Seesaw and repeatedly knocks him in the air. M-chan caught wind of what K-san was going to do beforehand and arrives, K-san asks why "she backstabbed the clan" when Seesaw finally knocks him unconscious with his double-barreled shotgun. He gets his friends together (no M-chan, still a neutral character) and discusses the new problem. Aand that's where the Twine version ends. In the Grammarly version, Resi 4 gets inflicted by K-san and is doomed to turn into a furry in ~1 day. This part is the longest in Twine, but the shortest in Grammarly.

    So, in essentiality, if you're looking for an incomplete text adventure that tries to give it it's all, it's worth atleast a look
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