A definitive PicoFly install guide

A definitive PicoFly install guide V.6.4

Due to a large amount of explosive information from the release of a functioning PicoFly setup, a guide was needed to help place all the useful and accurate information in one place. So far the guide seems to be fairly complete, but further revisions will be considered if important enough bits need to be added.
Change log
-Updated the required firmware version to 2.73 instead of the deprecated 2.74
-Removed Vulp_vibes' instructions for installing an RGB LED into V1's/V2's/OLED's per their request (though mine is currently still working)
-Clarified that Vulp_vibes' Home button LED mod requires a WS2812-2020 neopixel to actually function

-Added Abal1000x's rear MOSFET mounting locations
-Added Vulp_vibes' Aesthetic Home Button LED mod
-Modified some of the language regarding flashing the firmware to the RP2040

- Rehius added new LED codes, and it seems like that's all that will be added?... for now
- Revamped the Switch Lite diagram with the graphic from http://balika011.hu/switch/lite/
- Added pinouts for RP2040-Tiny and Raspberry Pi Pico
- Added a warning about the RP2040-Tiny for people to check the resistance of the included resistors
- Added notes that GND points can be soldered to any ground on the board.

V.6.1 Updated the New LED codes to include Firmware 2.73's new short yellow LED flash to indicate glitch success

V.6: Updated Firmware Link, Updated LED flash codes

V.5: Updated the Dat0 adapter install dead youtube link

V.4: Explicit warnings about not attempting this mod if you are new to soldering/not proficient at micro soldering. Also added a suggested digital multimeter, explained how to solder to a flex cable, and a GIANT warning to unplug your battery before touching anything inside the switch. Also firmware to be flashed has been updated to 2.67.uf2
UPDATE: I fixed the size of the PDF and the text selection!

V.3: Added info about PicoFly Toolbox, Dat0 adapters for OLED, and clarification for what kinds of Switch are supported by this mod (hint: it's all of them)

V.2: Added some helpful hints from Rehius about RST point, slow EMMC mode, mosfet diagrams, and 100nF caps on the RP2040-Zero

V.1: First release
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed the required up-to-date Firmware number, removed V1/V2/OLED Home button light mod, and...

    I wanted to make it clear that the RGB LED mod does in fact require an RGB LED to be added for...
  2. Abal1000x's Rear Mosfet mounting, and Vulp_vibes' Home button LED mod

    Basically everything in the guide remained the same, I just added Rear mosfet mounting and the...
  3. Updated to include ALL the new LED codes, and a few added bonuses

    - Rehius added new LED codes, and it seems like that's all that will be added?... for now -...

Latest reviews

Everything looks great! but one question, you said to make sure the resistors on the rp2040-tiny were 47ohm and not 470, but in the "OLED Points:" picture section the rp2040 displayed had 470ohm resistors.
To be clear, resistors labeled as "470" in the SMD format are actually 47 ohms.
Add alternate points, there will be less destroyed switches.
Very good job. I have translated V6.2 in french and publish it here to limit errors caused by bad translations.
exelent guide , meaby this is to much to ask , but the threat is 500 pages long , can you add to the guuide some issues and solutions , i dontk know like the pico works bots atmosphere but sometimes do a reboot and goes to ofw
Very well written guide.
Great writeup! A must to anyone who wants to install the PicoFly.
Great guide, good job
can you update the guide for the https://www.waveshare.com/product/rp2040-tiny.htm . im looking for the rgb pins i think the are de gp25 and groud
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