3DO - Snes to 3DO controller adaptor 2019-03-04

Connect a Snes controller to a 3DO

  1. contezero
    Snes to 3DO adaptor

    This is a collection of files posted on Atariage by user River Patroller aka Sebastian. Since the links on the original post are not working anymore I collected all the files and added this small description.

    The goal of this project is to interface a Snes controller to a 3DO

    I claim no credit for this works
    Original post on Atariage:

    Posted Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:58 PM

    possibly there is no intrest in resurecting such old thread, but since i've already put 3 days of my time into this, maybe it would be good for someone somewhere if i shared the results

    i've developed simple SNES to 3DO adaptor, currently supporting only one controller - its not that its complicated when you've basics covered, but i would like to get some feedback or buttons mappings first

    so here we go

    schematics - (warining - do not mount R1 and R2, add crystal to pins #4 and #5 of MCU)

    board layout - easy enough to do at home with modest setup

    assembly drawings

    HEX file for programming AVR - please set CLKDIV8 to disabled and CLKSEL so it would use crystal over 8mhz (1110 it was)

    thing in action
    Posted Image

    closeup of the board
    Posted Image

    this board was designed to fit inside KM-100B case by maszczyk

    pins for SNES ports were taken from split DB25 male plug as i couldn't find any supplier for these sockets locally

    Sebastian thing in action.JPG
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