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2979 - Rune_Factory_2_A_Fantasy_Harvest_Moon_USA_NDS-XPA

This is a R4 save file. This is saved right before Fiersome. You enter the doors above where you start, go down some stairs, then fight. Make sure you use dragonbreak before trying to attack him, or you will only do 1's.This save consists of 1st gen Kyle marrying Mana2nd gen is Aria, Level 63.Skill levels are: Weapons 75Farming 90Mining 60Pharmacy 43Accessories 34Camping 1Magic 55Logging 9Fishing 11Forging 40Cooking 34Communication 35This is not a cheated save file, so if you want 99+ skills/level use a cheat, or different save. There is still objectives to accomplish on the board for the 'friends' if desired. All caves are open, and ready to beat Fiersome. Enjoy.Online Save Game Convertor:

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