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2668 - Mazes of Fate DS (USA)

This is a 100% Complete save game for Mazes of Fate. It is the American Version.2668 - Mazes of Fate DS (USA)Main Character Stats:Character Name: Liv - Female Warrior/Fighter.Level: 33Strength: 33Endurance: 33Dexterity: 27Wisdom: 13Combat: 123Might: 130Defense: 148HP: 216MP: 48High 2-Handed Weapon, Evasion, Parry, Stamina & Fast Healing.Currently using 2-Handed Weapon: Hammer of Ages Companions:Mardred - Male Rogue.Level 33High Searching, Pick Pocketing, Ranged Weapon, Stamina & Fast Healing.Current using a Enchanted Heavy Crossbow, has also the Slow & Strength Spell.Uruam - Male Wizard.Level 28High Akhina & El Magic, Stamina, Fast Healing, Mana Training, Meditation. Currently using magic but can use the Enchanted Knife.Spells Available: Mass Strength, Lightning Bolt, Firewall, Fireball, Iceball, Heal, Meteor, Shock, Weaken, Slow, Armour, Magic Weapon, Quickness, Endurance, Strength, Team Armour.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------You have over 20,000 Crowns to spend on what you like.Alot of rare items found.8 Out of 9 Statuettes have been collected. I could not find the last one. Sorry. If somebody does find it, please tell me. Thank you.If you collect the complete set, all 9 statuettes; you can take it to the 'General Store' in Tur and he will make the Golem Set for you.There are two saves for this game:Save Game 1 - Top Save:If you load the first save game, the top one; you will be at the stairs where Harlac is waiting for you below. The level is known as the 'Castle Dungeons'. When you approach Harlac, you will be given a choice in the outcome of the game. The dialogue presented to you gives you the option of either killing harlac or to give the Stone of Redemption back to him. Your choice decide everyone's fate and the ending of the game, either good or bad. If you choose the 'Kill option' you will be treated to a CGI sequence. The latter is the easier option.Save Game 2 - Bottom Save:This is loaded alittle before the ending. It will allow you to fight some monsters before the game ending and let you advance a characters level by defeating some of the monsters herein. I thought it would give you a quick tutorial before the final battle. Go through the door to your right and fight the monsters to get the 'Big Castle Key'. Whilst fighting these monsters one of your characters should be able to level up, represented by a star on the character portrait. Find the key and use it on the door to reach 'Harlac'. To use the key you need to go into your inventory and drag the key from there onto the keyhole placed on the wall at the side of the door.Now go and defeat Harlac!Quick Tutorial keys:Select = Show Automap Full Screen.Start = Character Option.Inventory = Click the top left potion button, use this to use items like keys, potions etc.Character Menu Alternative = Top right, click the left arrow button.Rest = Heal party, use the campfire button below the left arrow button.Enjoy!R4DS Save file (V1.18)Final Note: The rest of the game is open to you if you decide not to fight Harlac and go back through the Castle to the outside world.

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