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2640 - Lock's Quest (USA) (En,Fr)

This is a 100% Complete save game for Lock's Quest. It is the American Version with extras,It includes English and French Languages.2640 - Lock's Quest (USA) (En,Fr)All 6 out of 6 Walls Unlocked and available.All 6 out of 6 Turrets Unlocked and available.All 6 out of 6 Traps Unlocked and available.All 4 out of 4 Materials available - Wood, Stone, Metal, Spiked(Walls)5 out of 6 Helpers unlocked - Other not found.About the Saves(there are two):Profile 1 is the game completed. It will let you access any of the levels by placing 'Lock' over any of the locations on the map and 'tapping' the location. If you go to 'Antonia Gates', found to the left of 'Antonia'; you will begin the final mission split into two parts, but you will miss the cinematic story. If you want to see the cinematic story load profile 2.Profile 2 is saved at the very end of the game. It will allow you to see the cinematic story which plays before the final mission. When you load the save it will automatically play. Once finished go to 'Antonia Gates' to start the final mission. Unlike the Profile 1 save, this will have all the locations greyed out as the game is not complete. If you want to play any of the other locations you will need to load profile 1 or complete the game yourself with this profile 2.Note: You can see the game ending with either profile, just finish the final mission. :)Final Note: If you find the game difficult, load the completed game, Profile 1; and try some of the earlier levels, then tackle the final mission. Most of the caves will be greyed out as they were not missions themselves.R4DS save file (v1.18)Enjoy!A good game with an interesting story and nice music. :)

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