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2023 - Dungeon Explorer - Warriors of Ancient Arts (USA)

This is a 100% complete save game. It is the American Version.2023 - Dungeon Explorer - Warriors of Ancient Arts (USA)Side Quest (Destroy the Demon God Egg) 100% Completed.Main Quest (Destroy the Demon God) 100% Completed.All 50 out of 50 Pyramid Levels completed.You have over 400,000 Coins available at the bank to spend.The game gives you the option to fight the Demon God again.With this save game you have access to all areas/maps in Dungeon Explorer and can start at any Level from 1 to 5 in the Pyramid.The levels 1 - 5 can be broken down as follows..Pyramid: (50 Levels)Level 1 = Levels 01-10 - 2 Bosses to fight.Level 2 = Levels 11-20 - 2 Bosses to fight.Level 3 = Levels 21-30 - 2 Bosses to fight.Level 4 = Levels 31-40 - 2 Bosses to fight.Level 5 = Levels 41-50 - 5 Bosses to fight.Character Stats:Name: TalosRace: OrosJob: Hunter (Archer)Character Level: 54Vit: 60Arts: 07Str: 60Dex: 70HP: 427AP: 117STR: 083DEX: 093ATK: 279DEF: 248EVA: 187GRD: 00Resistances:Fire: 45Water: 70Lightning/Air: 50Earth: 45Forms: Ice Attack or Evade Attack.Weapon(Current Setup): Ballista with Ice Attack(form).Spells(Arts): Fire Snake, Aqua Bugs, Volcano, Spin Ice, Shield, Auto Heal, Confound, Pick Lock, Ignore Terrain.Also obtained the 'Siegfried Armour' but wasn't able to use it as I needed to be Level 65. (Held at the bank for safe keeping though)You also have a Robot, (transformed from the egg - Air II) which has been infused with the Hepaitos God ability of 'Strength' turning it into a Sordin H Robot.Robot has(features):5 Res Units - All Archim4 Attack Units - All Archim4 Defense Units - All ArchimAll same materials = Bonus to robot stats + custom attack.You can also go back to the 'Lake Temple' and start the adventure again with the same stats,level and equipment you already have, but without your current school, forms and arts. You will keep your points for your new arts but you will have a new school and art to choose from. To do this, go to the 'Lake Temple' and up the elevator and through the temple door. Press 'A' on the well to start over again.This is a 100% Finished game.R4DS save file.Enjoy!

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