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1703 - Boulder Dash - Rocks! (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

This is a complete 100% game for Boulder Dash Rocks! European Version.1703 - Boulder Dash - Rocks! (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)The game has been fully finished, but is missing the last remaining Route Race levels and about 5 artworks.All four Planet Tour Worlds Completed (Green, Lava, Water, Scary) All four Planet Tour Worlds Special Diamonds collected. All four Planet Tour Worlds Levels completed - 84 out of 84.All four Planet Tour Worlds Bonus Levels unlocked.All four Planet Tour Worlds Bonus Levels completed with all Special Diamonds.All Cutscenes unlocked.All 20 Route Race Levels Completed. (Missing 15 Bonus Levels)All Time Trial Levels Completed with All Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.Double Dash unlocked for Multiplayer.All 5 Double Dash & Time Trial Bonus Levels unlocked.All 5 Time Trial Bonus Levels completed with Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.20 out of 25 Artworks collected.Exceeded all set Scores in all four worlds (Green, Lava, Water, Scary)The game did not register the special diamonds on the scary world so I could not fully complete all aspects of the game. The game does state I collected them all though.R4DS save game file.Note: Check the Route Race Levels an interesting concept. You have to plan your route to the finish.Extra Note: If you start at each worlds first level you will see the relevant cutscenes. Again, the ending can be seen through playing through the final level. Select the scary world and select the 'diamond' as a level. Defeat the tentacle and watch the ending. Does Rockford obtain Crystal's heart? Find out.Final Note: Use 'Rockford' save file, it is the blue profile. The green one (Tentacle) was an experiment I was trying out.Enjoy!

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