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1518 - Tony_Hawks_Proving_Ground_USA_NDS-XPA

This is a R4 save file.Online Save Game Convertor: Progress:Over all Completion: 77%Classic-Mode Complettion: 100%Story-Mode Completion: 70%AM Percentage: 25%PRO Percentage: 38%SICK Percentage: 35%Class: CareerLounge Stuff Unlocked: 27/27Videos Unlocked: 15/15Total Gaps: 107/194Current Cash: $2275Gross Cash: $66775Hidden Cash Found: 33/35Play Time: 16:40I have bought all the cheats, unlockables that I can see anyways (not sure if the last 23% gives more). Also have all 10 skatepark editor's at the highest level 3500$ spent on each, change as you want. I'm onto a differnt game now, this is good enough for me, so...Enjoy.
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