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0832 - Star Fox Command (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

This is a 100% complete save game for Starfox Command. It is the European Version.0832 - Star Fox Command (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)The game should detect which region/language upon loading depending on your DS setup. Unlocked the 'Key of Destiny'.Unlocked Gallery Mode.Collected All 9 out of 9 Endings for the game. (Including the Prologue & Credits)Collected All 16 out of 16 Pilots for the game.Collected All 9 out of 9 Planetary Systems (Stages)Note: Go into the 'Gallery Mode', through the Single Player; to see all the Endings and Pilots available within the game.Go into the 'Stage Select Mode', through the Single Player; to see all the available Planets/Asteroids within the game.Special Note: If you get to the credits within the game or select them in the 'Gallery Mode', you can use your stylus to disperse/spread the characters in 3D.The game is 100% Finished.Enjoy!R4DS save file. (v1.18)


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