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Fact sheet

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Company name SIMS Co., Ltd
Founded in 1991
Country of origin Japan
Game count 17 (publisher: 2, developer: 16)
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Description SIMS Co., Ltd. (シムス株式会社) is a Japanese video game development company formed on June 12, 1991 as a joint venture between Sega and Sanritsu. 50 employees from Sanritsu were transferred to SIMS upon creation, and Sega took control of the company, setting it to work on numerous games for Sega consoles within the 1990s. SIMS is an acronym for "Soft development Innovation Multi 'Success" Noboru Machida, the president of SIMS, took over all stocks of SIMS on June 24, 2004, meaning SIMS is now an independent company.

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