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Company name 6 Eyes Studio
Founded in 2015
Country of origin United States of America
Website https://www.6eyesstudio.com
Game count 1 (developer: 1)
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Description 6 Eyes studio is an independent game studio established in 2015 by the happily married couple Pierre Leclerc (programmer) and Christina Leclerc (pixel artist). They had previously worked in the video game and tabletop industries (EA, Activision, Gameloft, Topps Digital, Judges Guild, Studio Archcraft and freelancing) for about 15 years. After Studio Archcraft, the independent game studio responsible for Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled, disbanded, the couple kept working in the industry for big names, while carefully planning for Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark. In 2015, the time was ripe and they officially started working on the title. The Studio's goal is to create fun and engaging titles by marrying modern design strategies with time-tested classic gameplay and, generally speaking, to do it using modern and vibrant 2D art.

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