You don't always get what you want

Sooooooo I still want one, but, the deal fell through.

Ok if I had 6 hundred bucks just sitting here, maybe I could buy one, but, it likely would still get passed over.

The thing is, A it's not always about me (want to get the wife's laptop replaced). B. if I get a new laptop she can have my perfectly good 1 year old laptop.
C. I have had to accept the logic of the fact, I should be reading my damned print library before wandering off to read a pdf library even if the pdf library has some great stuff.

So here I sit miffed, bummed out, and not planning the great tablet purchase it would seem till sometime way into next year likely.

Likely will master putting books on my Nintendo DSiXL as it is sufficient for text only options if I insist on reading from outside my library.

Bummed out. But oh well, the new laptop when I sort out a choice will likely be a nice addition. Hunting for one with a major graphics card increase from my current situation ideally.


And the winner of the 'you could be my new laptop' is .......

ASUS K53SV-XP1, Notebook (Mocha Brown) - Intel Core i5-2410M, 15.6" HD (1366x768) LED-backlit, 4GB RAM, 640GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1GB, DVD-writer, 802.11b/g/n, Gb LAN, Webcam, HDMI, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 1-year Global Warranty (w/ Bag & Mouse)

730 bucks after taxes.

Cool part is it is chocolate coloured hehe (chocolate is everything man).

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