Why So Much Hate?


I am by no means any good at all at Super Street Fighter IV. Have never claimed to be. I play it for fun. Have never trash talked anyone.

So why all the hate online?

Fought against a 3400bp/1030pp Fei last night with my 150ishBP/450PP Ken (i normally play as Akuma...). Came down to one strike in the third round when he caught a cheap win when I had no choice but to block his ultra... I'm thinking "wow, that was fun. pretty close match". dude sends me a message saying simply "Fkn noob". As I stated earlier, I'm not one to trash talk, but there was a need to respond to this... I wrote back with "ummm... you almost lost to this noob". he comes back with "haterz gonna hate"...

it wasn't like i was spamming dps or anything. What kind of chump trash talks someone who took them to the brink?

wasn't even using Ken by choice. my cousin was over playing while I was feeding my son. he got a phone call after the matchup screen so I took the match. especially sucked because he had his buttons all switched around. felt like I could have beat the dude if I'd have known where my buttons were in the first round...



I don't like X because it's not like Y and fanboys are ruining X.

edit: I thought it was a generic why do people hate this game thread like most blogs so I didn't read it all, just the first few sentences, whoops.
lol he is hating cause he prob never won before and that was all he ever heard and felt like being a big chump.
[quote name='prowler_' post='3687122' date='Jun 4 2011, 09:15 AM']I don't like X because it's not like Y and fanboys are ruining X.[/quote]
ummm wut? x is not like y? wtf you talkin about? your post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
There will always be sore losers/winners. Ignoring them is the best option.
Some people just got nothing better to do :).
he probably was just frustrated that he coudnt beat you easily.

a way of taking out the frustration and making himself feel better.
Eh, I just have fun with people like them. They may trash talk you, but it shows how much of a noob they are when they message you about your defeat.
Because he's a dick. Just leave it at that and move on. Even if you were sitting in the corner, as long as you were having fun, then that's all that matters.
Because winning in games is the only way they can feel they're good at something.
Take that away from them and they'll scream shit at you as an alternative to accepting they aren't good at anything.
It's been my experience that many people who "grew up with video games" forgot to actually do the italicized portion.
[quote name='Old8oy' post='3687447' date='Jun 4 2011, 07:56 PM']This is what I think of when I run into tools online...[/quote]
whats the name of the movie?
lol i wanna watch it!
Most people who play Street Fighter are mad because they're not the best, can't be the best, and get put to shame in Tekken.

Give that person a bit of anonymity, and you've got yourself a twelve-year-old internet troll who can mash buttons.
At least he wasn't as mad as this guy:

The difference being that the guy that sent me the message won the match :P

lmao though... "It's on!" "YOU started dis!"
[quote name='Old8oy' post='3687505' date='Jun 4 2011, 02:21 PM']err...was on xbox 360... forgot they even had SSFIV for 3ds :P[/quote]
No, I'm saying some people say Nintendo lack proper chatting(something like that), this just made me think about it. :P

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