Why does so much People unhappy and unsatisfied with their Lifes ........

Hello,my fellow GBAtemp Community.:)

When I read through Blogs,Off Topic and Edge of the Forum,I noticed a Topic that keeps coming up.

People who are dissatisfied with their Lives or,at worst,hate their own lives....:(

Sometimes it is not exactly a "life-threatening" Reason why this happens.
But usually there is more behind it.

And that touches me then always a "little", if it turns out that many People just do not have someone to talk.
And at a Time when "Communication" seems to "dictate" our Society....

That always makes me sometimes a "little" sad,to see,there are so many People on this Planet and so many of them are alone.....
Whether wanted or not.......

I wish you a nice and good Day,my Friends.
Thank you for Reading.:)


For me personally, it's not that I don't have someone to talk, but I don't have someone that I can trust to talk about a matter of privacy. Most people are toxic and can't keep a secret. Next thing you know, all of the people around talk about your problem behind you.

For the unhappy and unsatisfied thing, for me it's because of jealousy. The social media showed me what people around my age doing with their life, and it looks like they have a very successful and happy life with their partner or family. On the other side, I still struggling just to fulfil my basic needs, let alone to enjoy things that I like with my money. And I'm too scared to start a relationship because my tendency to not easily trusted other people that I've met.

Sorry for my broken english as I'm not a native, but I think you get what I meant...
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Thank you for your Reply and for writing about you.:)

It is not always easy to sit down and write about yourself, it takes Courage and Self-Confidence.
(even if it is only on the Internet and here the so-called "anonymity" prevails ...)

And of course Trust as you say perfectly right.:)
It is very hard in these Times we live meeting People whom you can really trust.
It is not a matter of "search for these People"....
Someday they come into your Life.

Thank you.:)

P.S. When I come to this great Community,my english was horrible.Today it is also not better.... :)
*i try my best to type in english*

I'm touched, because there are still people like you, nice person, who are sensitive to their environment (even though it's only a virtual environment)
maybe for you, me and our friends here who feel how analogous is life in the 80s and 90s, but it is lighter than living in today, or because of the prestige influence on social media that makes someone more feeling unhappy, even literally, the definition of "happy" is just a smile emoticon, not "happy" that we know first.
Maybe we should just think more rationally to deal with something, and try to rise from the feeling of "unhappiness" and all the feelings that limit our freedom of expression and enjoy life.
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It is like most humans live in third person view game, not a first person game.

We waste our time and care about what others done instead of ours.
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@Mohammed2935 this is what happen on my country, thinks about other people, laugh at their failness (or what the right english word, im forgot :unsure:), and jealous on their success, never think about theirselves
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This is not a question that can be thoroughly answered/covered in a short comment.

Not to be satisfied with the current situation is not a bad thing and I'm sick of being told to feel guilty for not being lighthearted, cheerful and happy all the time. Dissatisfaction got people to invent things to make life easier and nicer. Dissatisfaction made people fight against inequity and injustice – against totalitarian regimes and selfish potentates.

How could anything improve when nobody felt like "This is bad, this has to change!"?

It really annoys me is when somebody wants to tell me I don't have the right to be unsatisfied with my life, with society with the behavior of people around me and so on… because it could be worse. I want things to improve. And if something gets worse, I don't close my eyes but say that it has changed for the worse.
"Hey… look here: It could be worse. You have a roof, you have to eat. Some people don't. So be glad for that."
"At least your body works mostly like it should. Some people can't walk. Some people are blind or have lost an arm. So be glad for that."
"Imagine living in the middle ages with low life expectancy. We have electricity, running water, sanitation, medical care… So be glad for that."
(Yes, I'm still under the influence of the Pollyanny book – reading book #2 now – that has exactly this topic: Be glad… it could be worse. The book overused the word glad.)
"If you are tied onto the wall of a damp dungeon and rats are biting off your toes – be glad: You still have a roof above your head and you still have fingers."

As if only the person on earth that lives under the absolute worst circumstances has the right to complain about anything. Pointing at "It could be worse" does not make it any better.

For myself – this is a personal opinion that and I can't prove this – feel that I have been tortured as a teenager and still suffer from this treatment.

For the world around me: I feel many people got stupid and dull. Nobody cares for anything as long as Facebook works. The school system is damaged and I fear we could lose many modern comforts in the future. With this I mean technology as well as freedom. There is something seriously wrong with our society and this makes me sad and dissatisfied.
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Want the honest truth? ~85% of them I'd say are because they have it far too good in their lives so they got too much time to ponder about life in the most meaningless way possible and end up using up all their free time online while doing so, which results in the stupid cycle of having it easy, deluding themselves their life sucks because having it easy actually gives life less purpose, wasting their time instead of doing something to give life purpose, so getting sad and going back to thinking they still have it easy but now they are sad to do anything about it so instead go online and bitch for attention thinking it will give their life meaning, then when it fails they go back to deluding themselves and repeating the cycle. At least the first world ones are, some people actually do have it rough and have nobody to talk to, but those aren't the people who publicly post their issues online, talking to someone doesn't help if you don't have mutual trust and are close after all, people only really feel better if there is someone to shoulder their troubles with them, not by putting their private lives and issues in public. If they do want to talk to someone, they'd do it in private messages with the people on here they are most familiar with if they have nobody else to talk to.
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Very differ Views and Opinons.Thank you.:)


That is a good Point.:)
Maybe some People never had a Chance to "grew".
They are maybe "kept down" (from Friend /Parents / Spouse ...)
and it is really difficult to get out of this "vicious Circle".....


A very prudent and mature point of view. :)
You may already have had a lot of Experience with people.
Whether these were good or less good you can certainly "judge" the best.
Yes,we should care on yourself but also on our "fellow man".:)
We should only take care that we do not "carry along" People who do not want to or do not want to .....


That is a very good Point ! :)

Many people act as if they have "compassion" with others.
They pretend to be there and to listen and "help" one .....
They are "always" there for us and completely selfless ....
just look at the other people.

Except Monday to Sunday from 0 - 24 clock......

Thank you for your Contributions.:)
Sometimes I think because this world itself is meaningless without life. We humans look for another human to give him/she a meaning.

Like now I feel satisfied after getting likes from you guys.

Even rich people post there richness, why they like it when you give them meaning even though they don't need you at all.

I don't know why hehe but it is wired in our brains.
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More opinions and Views fro myou.

Thank you ! :)


Everybody has the Right to be satisfied or unsatisfied.:)
Life is not fair and no "Desire Concert".
People who are too comfortable to change something have exactly the same right as People who can not change it.
It may look a bit "uneven" to the Outside, but yes, everyone can do the same.
Unfair? Maybe ? I can not judge that ....


Thank you for the "Truth".
Yes, I am completely with you.
One can perhaps add that the "Educators" make a not insignificant contribution to it....
I am a lonely person by the way in real life hehe. I don't like to be with others for long time because I feel like being controlled or waste my time.

However, I like to chat sometimes in the internet which is always bad hehe.

Yes I am still looking for a meaning from people. I wish I could turn it off.

Bad meaning gives me a hard time when for example someone call me a name, don't know why?

Hey body/mind if you are already satisfied then why are you seeking?

Friends are over rated and need to much work to keep the friendship alive in my opinion. You will never know the other person real intension for you.

I have the most important thing that no one talks about it, peace. I like my peaceful life.

My only fear as a lonely person is that what if I dead in my own lonely place. I want to be in my grave.
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Awww this talk has gotten too complicated for me QwQ

But I want to tell you that you are a good person for caring so much <3

It does feel kinda like...... you're just not allowed to be happy these days anymore, you always have to strive for more and be good and perfect, never satisfied with what you already have, which might be good enough after all
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Yes, there is something true about that.
The "enjoy something" Factor has suffered a bit in the last few Years.
Many People "dare", as you correctly say, not even more, to really look forward to something.
And if the "Negative" finally arrives, then these are destroyed at the bottom ......

Thank you for your Point of View,my Floflewoffler.:D
Whenever you’re sad, always think, there’s someone suffering, in pain, with cancer, or living in an area at war. That doesn’t make your sadness any less relevant, nor does it invalidate it, but I think, for those that have a “good” life and are looking for sadness as an excuse, or just to wallow, it helps put things in perspective.
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Simple: This world is not perfect. We are imperfect human being with struggle for our lives. The corruption, wars, and many more. There is no why or what. It is the way we are today.

I am not saying anything.. Even atheist dont understand why they are suffer and some religion feels the same way. Answer ? Its there but you gotta find it even if you dont believe in God or something like that. The answer is out there depending on what you believed in.
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I think everybody that is alive will be either unsatisfied and conscious about it, or unsatisfied and emotionally numb.
But to be unsatisfied does not mean that you are not happy, it only means that there are still things you want to change, or things you want to do.

I think I am quite happy, but that said sure I am lonely as fuck, living in a society that is a bit alien to me. Of course the fact that I am such a reclusive loner does not help the matter, sure I miss having people to talk to outside of work. Or at least a dog... hmmm, I should get a dog.
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