Why do you still bother to answer people if they do not listen anyway and read what you write .....


Because it is a Community and every Question deserves an Answer.:)

Feel free to write what you want.

Please be nice if possible,fellow Community.:)

Thank you.:)


I just remind myself that even if the OP doesn't get it, someone else with the same problem might find the thread later on and it could help them. Also, compiling info into a concise answer sometimes helps me to understand things better, too.
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Yo man, read everything you say to me/reply to me... your awesome a cheer me up some days :lol:
Edit: Fixed spelling mistakes :/
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If its true nobody listens to answers then that explains why @GhostLatte fails miserably at getting anyone in the van. He needs to stop answering questions with get in the van and needs to take more direct action.
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Schadenfreude + "I told you so in iron clad text in a location they theoretically should be reading"... few things I find more amusing really.
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I do it because of the community, but if the other person is being annoying, ungrateful, etc. I will sometimes give a VERY thorough explanation so it's a huge ass text that I know they'll skip instead of reading and hide little pokes and insults at them in there somewhere then put a tl;dr at the end that I know is the only thing they'll read, done it 18 times so far on here:rofl2:
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Depends on my mood. :unsure:

But generally dont mind helping others out in turn I may ask for Help myself so.
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Is that precise?

You did not specify where, when, as an average.

Furthermore temperature is probably relevant in at least some of those (red sky at night, Red sky at morning and all that) as that would in turn also speak to potential formation of clouds and such like.
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