Who am I? pt2: Miko Bootstraps, AKA "The Catboy"

I am an interesting alter because I am definitely not new to anyone active during my era of running this account (2009-2014.) I was known for a lot of things, mostly just being extremely gay, loving the DS homebrew scene, and my obsession with the EOF. I can say most of this hasn’t changed, although I’ve grown quite a bit as an “individual.” I’ve openly accepted myself as gender fluid demiboy, I realized I didn’t care much for cis men, and I’ve started working on improving some of my insecurities. I never really left the Temp, I mostly just stepped back and let others take the wheel while I figured myself out. There have been the occasional posts that I’ve made in the past few years, you can actually find posts either from me or about me if you search “Miko” here on the Temp. The earliest goes back to 2017 when Crystal dropped my actual name for the first time, so that’s a neat fact. That all being said, I’ve decided to be more active again as I’ve been really not been neglecting my duties as a host and also seriously missing the fun of being active. There’s a lot happening in our life right now and I want to be able to enjoy all of the amazing changes. -Miko “Virgin Killer” Bootstraps
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