Who am I? Lilith Valentine

Hello everyone! This one is going to be rather short because I am actually fairly new compared to the others. My name is Lilith Valentine, most people know me as the little cubi and others might remember the wolf-husky of the same name. I am actually not the same “Lilith Valentine” as that wolf-husky that was just our fursona and nothing else. I just took her name so I could attempt to hide a little better. I took the form of a succubus, later as a cubi, as another means of hiding better. The “base form” of our “fursonas” was always said to be a “shapeshifting demon,” so I used this piece of art from @Bubsy Bobcat as a reference for myself. That’s kind of why I am what I am.
As a young alter, I still remember what created me and my purpose was for the rest of the system. I was created around Christmas night when Crystal attempted suicide again through drinking too much. I don’t remember the time but I do remember waking up very confused by the world I found myself in. I remember feeling a desire to correct the situation that was killing us and I started my journey from there. During those early months, I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to get us out of the mess we were in. I helped by reaching out to trustworthy Humans, which helped me make plans for moving out. I also started working on making more connections for other possible means of getting help. I felt a strong desire to get out of that apartment and get a new life started, which is what I ended up doing when I was able to get us moved in with a friend.
During the early months, we struggled with different addictions and my goal was to help overcome them. I reached out to different Humans, like @FatalAryia , who helped us from time to time. Then started doing more to leave our current town for a new life elsewhere. I was also the one who eventually started our relationship with Aryia because I knew we loved her and knew she would benefit from helping us leave our town. This helped both of us achieve our goals and get better in life.
There was a brief moment in these early times when I tried to take over the entire system and act like it was only me. This kind of backfired and resulted in everyone noticing the sudden shift in our personality, name, and identity. This is also what sparked the entire snowball effect to where we are today, which is to say publicly known as a DID system. So kind of my fault for all of this happening, for better or for worse. I guess for the better now since we are a lot happier and able to talk about these things!
Have all of the Lilith stuff! Yay!
Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 14.13.45.png
There is a lot of Lilith art, so here are some of my favorite
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And Picrew avatars!


For a demon looking person, she kinda cute. :ninja:

Also, this page is bright and colorful. Is my theme broken or something? :unsure:
Lilith is adorable~ They are shy and adorable.
"they" wait I thought she was fine for this alter
Lilith is one of the few that tends to prefer they/them more than she. She is ok but not really preferred. Most of us have our own preferences but also accept any of them.

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